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Welcome to AmazeonCloud,

Happy to see you here and hope you made right decision to start your cloud computing career.

You may be thinking that if you start learning AWS(by watching many videos) and hold few certifications really will help you get job in Cloud. Why not, I was also in the same mindset. My journey on upskilling started few years back with no proper guidance and ended up with nothing.

Obviously, if someone telling that this technology/application has good opportunities then immediately start and if no proper guidance then it will end up with in nothing (due to unable to manage work life balance). It happened to me as well. Now I will be sharing few suggestions to get a job in cloud and if you follow the same, you will get your dream cloud job.
Recent times, I have connected with many AWS experts and following them because to gain more and more knowledge about AWS. So here is one of the 6Month strategy to get into AWS cloud job. (Be it any current role fresher or 15+ years exp doesn't matter)


First Choice Of Your AWS Cloud Upskilling Should Start With AWS Official Training SkillBuilder. Check Out This Link For Free Digital Badge For AWS Cloud Practitioner You Can Get It Free Once You Complete.
AWS CloudQuest
AWS Skill Builder
Start from here and you plan to complete entry level AWS Cloud practitioner certification in just 4 weeks. Please keep in your mind don’t follow many resources for your learning and definitely you will end up with nothing so stick to only one i.e SkillBuilder (Later you can try difference study resources like Digital Cloud training, Adrian Cantrill course etc.,)
Check this useful link for 4 Week plan to get this.


After getting your AWS entry level certification, now it’s time do hands on with AWS labs. If you already have personal account with free tier then you should be very careful while using AWS account. Sometime if you forget to delete some resources like NAT Gateway, KMS then you will get surprise in your AWS billing. My personal advice, just enroll for some cloud training provider like Cloud Academy and A Cloud guru to avoid to use your personal account. (Keep checking these websites sometimes they do offer 40-50% off on yearly subscription)

AWS Workshop




Good to see you that you have enjoyed 2 months in AWS cloud upskilling journey and now your actual architect/developer/sysops stuff starts here. I would suggest you to select your cloud career path based on your current role for example, If you have Development background then go for AWS Developer associate and system admin means go for AWS SysOps Associate.

 Once your decided, now select one good resource for your certification preparation and I’ll list here some of the best content providers.

Here I'm listing top 10 free resources to learn AWS:

1. Pythoholic
2. Enlear academy
3. FreecodeCamp
4. KnowledgeIndia
5. Be a better Dev

Paid resources to learn AWS:
1. A Cloud Guru
2. Cloud Academy
3. Adrian Cantrill

Kindly check official AWS Certifications pages for more details. ( Congratulations, you become a AWS certified associate now. Hope that your Month2 & 3 helped you to achieve this.


Now you are officially AWS Certified associate and most of the AWS services you familiarized and having hands on experience now(After practicing more labs). Usually how someone can say I’m expert on something unless they have in-depth knowledge about product/application/databases. Now it’s time to go for deep dive courses on your expertise (Solution architect, Networking, Database, AI/ML etc.,) Start practicing advanced lab levels(Level 400) from AWS workshops.



At this stage, you will be very familiar to use AWS Console, CLI, SDK and other services. After spending enough time for past 4 months, now start preparing for Professional/Specialty certifications. My personal feel is any advanced or pro certification required more time and preparation so only appear for exam if you get score above 90% in any of the most valuable practice test (Tutorials DoJo). My recommended course for preparing SA Pro is Zeal Vora Udemy course.
Zeal Vora Udemy - SA Pro Course
Tutorials DOJO


Now it's time for preparing for AWS Cloud job interviews. Don’t apply for many jobs in AWS careers portal only apply if profile matches with your skills.
Understand AWS Leadership Principles
Wow, superb you may feel that you have done your part very well. What’s next on now?

Start your building network over LinkedIn, this is the place you can connect to many of the AWS community builders, Heros, experts, Amazonians etc.,,

Start posting your learning progress regularly to get views by people, it's kind of showcasing your skills. Connect with more AWS working people, partners, trainers etc.,

I like this analogy and it made me to think differently.
*KNOWING *- You watch n number of videos but if you are not doing you may forget
*DOING *- If you do more hands on, you never forgot

Just imagine with some real time example and try this approach, definitely you will see the results.Ok, We Are End Of This Post And You Still Looking For Some Tip.

Ok, We Are End Of This Post And You Still Looking For Some Tip.

Rather you use more services on your AWS account (just know how to create account and use services) and see surprised bills, use Cloud guru or Cloud academy on yearly subscription it's going to be super saver for you. All the very best for your cloud upskilling and you can connect me for further assistance.

Happy Learning!!! Be a continuous learner.